by Kurt Setchell

If you’re down scare struggle street this Halloween, don’t sweat it! Our babein student ambassador, Kurt, has got you covered with this terrifying tutorial…

Day Of The Dead | How To

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get thinking about outfits – pronto. Suicide Squad has been huge this year, so you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be bumping into a few Harley Quinns’ and her Puddin’ in the night. 

And if Harley’s not your bag and you wanna stand out from the creepy crowd, this simple Day Of The Dead tutorial is sure to raise more than a few hairs…

Day Of The Dead | How To
Day Of The Dead | How To

You’re gonna need…

– A pen
– Black face paint
– A fine paint brush
– A glass of water

Ready? Get your paint on…

– Draw a faint outline of a skull with the pen.
– Grab your face paint and brush and fill in the skull outline, paying attention to the cheekbones, lips and teeth.
– Use your finger to smudge the teeth, lips and cheekbones to create a shadow effect.
– Create two dark circles around the eyes to look like sockets – the more paint the better. 
– Add paint around the hairline, jaw and nose to finish.

Get the look…

Day Of The Dead | How To
Day Of The Dead | How To

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