This week we’re catching up with Stacey from our Brand Team based at our HQ office in Manchester. We get the 411 on what an average day looks like as a Content Executive.

My alarm goes off at…

Probably later than it should. I’m quite low maintenance in the morning as I like to be up and out of the house in 20 minutes. So I’ll say 8:15am.


I start my day by…

I’ll check my emails before I leave the house, maybe a quick look at social media and hopefully have a stress-free getting ready, as I like to plan my outfit the night before.


I’m responsible for…

All things editorial!


The best thing about my job is…

It’s my passion. I’ve loved writing since I was a young girl so being able to do that day to day is a dream. And my team without a doubt. I’ve made some friends for life here that make every day great.


My day in three words…

Busy. Fun. (Always) Different

My fave work memory is…

There’s been loads! Professionally, definitely editing our global printed magazine – my mum keeps all the copies. And as a team, we did the Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge for charity, which was a literal challenge to say the least, but we got through it as the strong unit we are. GO TEAM.

Advice I’d give to someone getting in this industry

Be willing to get stuck in, with ANYTHING. And do it with a smile. Build relationships, learn a lot and work your butt off. It’ll be that much more rewarding!



An average day goes a lil’ like this…



Breakfast and seeing what news and trends to react to


Reviewing the content calendar, rejigging it if needed and cracking on articles


Well into copy heaven, I like to get ahead with writing so give myself strict targets…


Reviewing any ad hoc copy requests, whether that’s our global newsletters, an internal event or a charity piece – the requests are varied but always fun!


Liaising with our writers and finishing up any loose ends and emails before heading home