Wanna hang with Woody and co? Well as of the 30th June you can. Because that’s when ‘Toy Story Land’, the latest addition to Disney’s theme parks, opens in Florida.  Inspired by the famous 1995 movie, you’ll be able to throwback to all the memories made popular by the movie.


It’s the largest extension in the park’s history, even bigger than Hong Kong and Tokyo’s, and the idea is that guests will feel as if they’re in Andy’s back yard. Artists impressions show just what the end product is gonna look like, with the main feature being the Slinky rollercoaster, an 18 seater ride racing through characters from the film.



Upon entry you’ll be met with a 20ft Woody with everything designed so that you feel the size of a toy Green Army Soldier. And Buzz is waiting when you reach ‘Star Command.’ Other areas include a 4D interactive arcade as you’ll ride through Andy’s room blasting objects, and Alien Swirling Saucers where you’ll be chosen by the claw.


And for when you need a lil’ refuel, you can head to ‘Woody’s Lunchbox’ for food and drink. Sign. Us. Up.


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