Can we be in Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie’s gang already? 

After bonding over their love of tequila at Windsor Castle, they became BFFs on set of the new Suicide Squad movie and have been seen ‘twinning’ ever since (oh btw, you can read our film review here).

In celebration of National Friendship Day, we remind ourselves of all the times ‘Cargot’ gave us goals…

THOSE matching tracksuits

Personalised silk trackies to match with your other half? We’ll take them, please.

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals

When they touched down with the rest of the Suicide crew

Because we love it when cast mates become best mates. Just look at the OINTB squad.

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals

They got all loved up for LOVE

When they interviewed each other for the latest issue of LOVE magazine, they talked candidly about acting, Prince Harry and er, the mile high club.

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals

They know every moment is a selfie moment

Because riding in the back of (what looks like) a golf buggy makes Snapchat / Insta gold. 

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals

It’s like, real friendship

See how they look at each other? It’s the way we look at our BFFs (or pizza).

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals

Oh yeah, and they tattooed each other’s toes

Nothing says soulmates like matching inks.

Cara + Margot = #squadgoals