All of our life goals have been completely topped after seeing a woman switch flowers for a giant bouquet of scrummy doughnuts. ERM, can we get a high-five please?

These incredible bouquets are a creation of Dessert Boxes – and now we know they actually exist we’ll never ask BAE for regular flowers again.

23-year-old Paige decided these delicious delights were good enough for her wedding day – as she and three bridesmaids walked the aisle with this bouquet with a twist.

Guests of the wedding loved the inventive idea, and the brides were totes thrilled when they were told the news. How the hell they managed to hang on ’till the ceremony we just don’t know…

“Brides should be a bit more relaxed and have fun!” exclaimed Sydney bride Paige. We COULDN’T agree more. You go girl!

Photo Credit: Instagram