Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and you can’t trick her twice (see what we did there), so we’re more than a lil’ excited for the latest Bongo’s Bingo news. Because the Liverpool born bingo phenomenon is bringing their biggest shows yet teaming up with the US mega babe, Kelis.


If you’ve not heard of Bongo’s, which we find hard to believe, we’ll give you the 411. It’s bingo, but not as you know it. Sure you’ve got your reg number calling, one line, two lines, full house sitch but think of that and add one hell of a party and you’re getting closer. There’s random and epic prizes including cold hard cash, dance offs and mid bingo raves. And the Kelis collab is to mark the company’s 3rd birthday.



Bongo’s is going bigger and better with every year. They hold sold out shows across the UK, Australia, Dubai, Amsterdam, Paris and Ibiza. And the expansion is ongoing. “Kelis crowns what is all set to be Bongo’s Bingo’s biggest run of events to date at the circus-themed extravaganza at the Bramley Moore Dock.” Tickets are on sale now, so snap ’em up quick before they go.


These are the dates you need to know about:

25th May

26th May

27th May

31st May

1st June

2nd June