Let’s not lie… long gone are the days of takin’ a pic and wacking on the Valencia filter. The thought of that now makes us feel a lil’ bit ill. As much as we hate to admit it, the colour of our feed has become SRSLY important to us… so we’ve got all the apps you’re gonna need to up your insta game.


If you haven’t heard of this one, have you been living under a rock!? This is a fave among all bloggers and gives you a whole selection of the best filters. The app itself is free, and comes with some pretty good filters (our personal faves are HB1 and A5) – but if you’re dedicated to the ‘gram then you can purchase sets of filters which are to die ‘fo.



The whiten tool is about to become your new BFF… Say bye to any yellow tones and lighten ‘n’ brighten up any picture with this to give that all white feel on your feed. The details tool can also seriously up the quality of your photo so have a play around with all the amaze tools this app has got. The original Facetune is £3.99, but the most exciting part is that they have now bought out Facetune 2 which is FREE, and has pretty much all the features you’re gonna need. Either way it’s SO worth it.



Hands up how many of you have uploaded a picture to Instagram, realised it does NOT look right and panic deleted within a minute!? Yep, all of us are guilty of that one. Well, this app is the answer to all your feed woes. UNUM lets you pre-plan your Insta feed so you can see exactly what it’s gonna look like before you’ve even added it. The free version lets you plan up to 15 photos in advance so you can be way too organised for your own good! You can also take a look at your stats and likes on your photos if you wanna get reeaaally technical.


The ‘Selective’ tool is a big reason you need to download this one. Snapseed let’s you select certain parts of the image you wanna brighten. So when you’ve tried brightening the whole picture and parts of it have gone waaaay too bright, this is your answer. You can take a dark photo and make it look like a whole new pic in the process! Again, this one is free so won’t break the bank.