We’re all social media cray-cray, so we pick up on stereotypes when we’re scrollin’ down our feeds. Some of ’em we can’t get enough of – and some, we’re dying to hit that ‘unfriend’ button. Here they are…

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1. The Oversharer

From outing their ex-flames to checking in to the supermarket – the oversharer does exactly what it says on the tin. TMI.


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2. The Meme Obsessed

They’re forever tagging their pals and sharing ’em on their wall – oh and they reckon Gemma Collins is the best thing since sliced bread (v true).


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3. The Public Affectioner

Yes, you’ve got a BAE and we sure as hell know about it. From soppy statuses to kissing photos, this gal sure takes PDA to a whole new cyber level.


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4. The One Who Doesn’t Get It

Usually our mums – this person makes major social media rookie errors on the reg. We’re talking getting private messenger mixed up with wall posting to tagging the wrong peeps. Yikes.


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5. The Documenter

They post at least 6 times a day and live for the ‘gram – not to mention we know what they ate for breakfast every. single. morning.


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6. The Debator

From getting involved in political debates to disagreeing with everything and everyone on our feeds – the debator is sending out negative vibes we just aren’t digging. *Delete*


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7. The Serial Selfie Taker

Just popped to the gym? Selfie time! In bed about to go to sleep? Selfie time! Just hopping in the shower? You know the drill…


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8. The One Who Hasn’t Discovered Google Yet

Forever asking their network to diagnose their illness symptoms and asking for advice on their dog’s behavior – have these people heard of a search engine before?


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