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Whether you’re a hardcore F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and can recite the words to every episode or you’re 16 and watching it on Netflix for the first time, here’s a list of questions that, even 20 years on, we’re still asking ourselves…

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1. How did they reserve that table in Central Perk for the best part of 10 years?

What are the chances it was always free though…


2. Better still, how come they all managed to hang out there so much?

Shouldn’t they have been at work?

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3. Was it really acceptable for Ross to sleep with someone else just after breaking up with Rachel?

The world is still divided…


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4. What the hell happened to Ben?

Seriously, is he ok?


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5. That Ross is actually every woman’s worst nightmare

He sleeps with one of his students and he tried to sleep with his own cousin for crying out loud!


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6. What does ugly naked guy really look like?

Asking for a friend…


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7. How the hell does Monica have so much free time?

Head Chefs at restaurants work notoriously long hours.


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8. Why didn’t anybody tell Rachel she’d messed up the trifle?

True mates do NOT do that.