Get creative this Vday and ditch your usual dinner date plans for something way more exciting. From stargazing to ghost tours, check out our ideas for date nights you and bae will love.


1. Get spooky on a Ghost Bus Tour

Mix romance and spookiness together and cozy up to bae this V-day by taking a ghoulish ghost tour of your local city. It’s the perf alternative date night!


2. Watch a film at an Everyman cinema

Everyman cinemas are dreamy, they’re designed like one big living room with plush, comfy sofas. You’re even allowed to order food directly to your seat, from pizza to ice cream sundaes the choice is yours!


3. Go stargazing at the beach

Escape to the peaceful countryside and spend a romantic night chilling out under the stars. The Norfolk Coast in the UK, is a beautiful area for stargazing because of the low light pollution, which means you’ll get some spectacular views of the night sky.


4. Hit the karaoke

Back in 2006 Troy and Gabriella proved true love can blossom at the karaoke. So take some inspiration from one of your fave on screen couples and go ahead and belt out some tunes with bae.


5. Take a spa break

Relax and unwind together by taking a spa break in the countryside. Think roaring log fires, outdoor jacuzzis and private lakes.


6. Go to an amusement park

Whether it’s riding your fave coaster or beating him at an arcade game and never letting him live it down, unleash your inner children and have some fun.


7. Play tourists

Pick a new city or the one you already know and play tourist. Visit the hotspots, take loadsa snaps and get to know eateries you never knew about.

8. Recreate your first date

Rewind to when you first met and retrace your first steps at all the places you visited.


Image credit: Unsplash