You BFF, bae or family in need of a lil’ pick me up? Then we got you. Here’s 7 things you can do right now to make someone’s day. Get ready for the good vibes to come rolling in.


1. Give them a call

We live in such a social age yet sometimes forget to switch off those apps and actually have. a. conversation. Take five from your day and give ’em a call. It’ll mean more than you know.


2. Buy them a coffee

Some people don’t function pre-caffeine so help them get that early morning wake-up with their fave coffee. You’ll go down a hero.


3. Cook for them

And no you don’t need to be a master chef. Chances are you’ll know what food they like, so cook up a storm in the kitchen.


4. Spend a night reminiscing

The best medicine when you’re feeling blue? Laughter. So rewind to past times when you had a blast. You’ll lose hours.


5. Write to them

Or simply send them something in the mail if the written word ain’t your thang. How excited do you get when you get something through the post? Answer: VERY. So imagine that for them and get your stamps out.


6. Offer your help

Maybe your mate needs help moving house this weekend or your colleague’s snowed under with a million and one pressing projects. Whatever it is, lending a hand is always welcomed.


7. Hand out the compliments

Like their outfit? Rate their new hair colour? Or just think they’re a general hun? What you waiting for?! Tell them.


Image credit: Unsplash