By Lauren Rae

While many of us grew up favouring that of Joey or Chandler, for their on-the-nose comedic approach, very few of us realised that the ‘Rossatron’ was the real unsung hero, of the series. With an awkward occurrence, and/or some form of social embarrassment crammed into each episode, we’ve quickly realised that Ross Geller is far more alike us, than any other TV character.

Relatable from his tight leather pants, to his stale attempts at wooing the opposite sex, we at The Fix review the seven times Ross was all of us, and I mean all of us. Because let’s be honest we’ve all been Ross at least once in our lives.

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

New Year, New Ross

Admittedly, each year we surrender ourselves to new diets, gym regimes and many of us (not me), attempt to commit to dry January. Ross, who proclaims he’s going to make himself ‘happy’ in the new year, is all of us trying to convince ourselves, that this coming year will be better than the last. In actuality, we all know we’ll be back to our old habits by the second week of the new year.

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

“No Really, I’m Fine”

Geller’s efforts to convince his peers he was totally fine, at the news of his best mate and ex-girl hooking up, is all of us taking on bad news. You know, because of course it’s easier to act like everything is hunky-dory, and the words ‘I’m fine’ flow far better than, ‘I’m dying inside, send help’. In addition, fajitas and margaritas make for great mood lifters!

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

‘Red Ross’ is Rampant in a Many of Us

Whether it’s huffing at your fellow commuters elbow wedged in your back, or being utterly impatient when waiting for your morning coffee at Starbucks, Red Ross shows himself in each of us. Ross’s approach to anger, albeit hilarious, is many of us being irritated by the little things and often requires a, ‘calm down man’ from our peers, thanks Chandler.

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

We’re Avid Members of the Grammar Police

Most of us – and this is probably down to our overbearing English teachers in high school – have an overwhelming desire to correct one’s spelling and grammar. Similarly, to Ross, we just cannot keep our mouths shut, when somebody willingly uses the wrong ‘your’. As Ross so eloquently puts it, ‘Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means ‘you are.’ Y-O-U-R means ‘your!’ Amirite?

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

Food Is Precious and Not to Be Shared

Who could forget the epic, ‘YOU ATE MY SANDWICH?’ dialogue. We were all reminded that it’s completely okay to be possessive over our meals and why not! Food is to be eaten and not shared. 

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

Being Inappropriate Around Infants

 When Ross sung ‘Baby Got Back’ to his newborn, being utterly inappropriate around a child was sort of defensible, and all was forgiven If you’d ever rapped at your youngest family members.

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

He’s So Wise

And if ever you need further guidance in life, turn to Ross of the ‘Divorce force’, for he is wise and all knowing. Well, I mean not really, but he sure as hell will make you feel better about your own terrible life choices!

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