by Eve MacDonald

6 Life Lessons We Learned From Pretty Little Liars

Now that Pretty Little Liars is back on our screens, we can’t wait to tune in every week. Not only are we hooked, we’ve also learnt a few lessons from the PLL girls over the years…

1. Life doesn’t always go as planned

Your mum might bury you alive, you might be in a relationship with your teacher or you might be kidnapped and put in a real-life dollhouse. Life is full of surprises that no-one can ever fully prepare for.

2. And everything is not what it seems

Yeah, you might think you’re BFFs with someone and it turns out they’ve been tormenting you through messages for the past two years of your life. What a rascal.

3. Telling the truth isn’t always easy

But it’s so important that you do tell the truth, as it always comes out in the end. What is it they say? ‘Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…’

4. Everyone makes mistakes

Like driving your car into the front of Emily’s car, CeCe *hopefully* realises now that wasn’t the smartest idea. And neither is sleeping with your daughter’s best friend’s brother. Yup, looking at you Mama Marin. Ah well, everyone’s human I guess.

5. But people can change

Maybe not a complete turnaround like Alison did between season 4 and season 6 but, I mean, there’s room for improvement in everyone. We saw Ali leave her old bitchy-self in the past and really realise what’s important in life in order to help her friends.

6. Friends are the most important thing

At the end of the day, you need your girls to always have your back! (especially when it’s against A in the black hoodie obvz…)

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