by Naomi Stewart

5 Ways To Make More Time In Your Life

1. Get up and out

If you were to minus two hours of sleep four days a week – you’d have an extra eight hours to play with. That’s a full working day. Imagine what you could get done in that time…

2. Make lists

No one likes to be stood about in the supermarket trying to mentally remember the ingredients for tonight’s Bolognese. Instead, write a list. It’ll take ten seconds out of your day and you’ll whizzing round the aisles like Speedy Gonzalez.

3. Don’t put things off

I get a massive guilt rush writing this one as I notoriously leave dishes under my bed and laundry in the basket for weeks and then spend all day washing dishes and doing laundry. Before I know it, a full day’s gone on something I could have done in 10 minutes. Don’t be like me. 

4. Rethink your routine

Weekly brunch with the girls? How about bi-weekly instead? Always watch that re-run of Friends after dinner? Put the dishes away instead. Or go makeup free one day a week to give you more time in a morning – your skin will thank you for it, too.

5. Prep

Whatever you can do to make tomorrow go as smoothly as possible – do it. Prep your work clothes and gym bag the night before and make your lunch ahead. A stress-free morning will relax you giving you more time to girl boss it today! 

Image credit: Unsplash