Looking for new ways to style your ‘do?  From curly hair gurus to two minute tutorial queens, we’ve found five vloggers you need to get following for the best #hairinspo.


1. Elle Bangs 

As the owner of a snazzy studio hair salon in San Francisco, Elle knows her stuff and uses her knowledge and talent to share top industry secrets.  Her videos are detailed, cover many topics and show you how to achieve salon standard hair at home. Elle’s particularly popular for her blow-dry tutorials which teach you how to create professional level long lasting voluminous hair.  Essentially, she’s the go-to-gal if you wanna give people serious hair envy.



2. My Natural Sistas

Carmen, Toni, and India are the three inspiring women behind My Natural Sistas, and as their name suggests, they’re all biological sisters. Their videos showcase afro and natural hair styles and focus on encouraging people to embrace their hair as well as also teaching you how to look after it and keep it healthy. These sisters will help you to reach ultimate hair happiness.



3. Kayley Melissa

There’s a reason why Kayley has amassed over 1 million followers on Youtube, her styling skills are insane and the hair tutorials she creates are super easy to follow and feel effortless to execute. Seriously, you’ll soon be whipping up dreamy fishtail  braids in no time.



4. Milabu 

Short hair, don’t care? Milabu is the hair queen you need  in your life. This Florida vlogger will show you how no style is out of reach for those with short hair and will give you some hella cool creative styles to create.  As well as fancy braids and easy updos, Milabu’s videos are perfect if you’re in a rush. Her one minute and five minute tutorials are a must and will see you  turning up to work with flawless hair everyday of the week.



5. Hair Romance

When it comes to styling naturally curly hair the general consensus tends to be “ain’t nobody got that time for that”. That’s where Hair Romance steps in, she has all the best, need-to-know tips and tricks for styling curly hair and will help you to create stunning styles with simplicity and ease. With no hair training she’s built up a successful hairstyle Youtube channel and blog. Shake your curls and get recreating her gorgeous tutorials.