5 Steps To Take If You're Stressing

They always say: “Life is down to 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” It’s true. It’s kind of a mind over matter job. What you allow to stress you out, will. If you’re feeling the stress, ask yourself the below few steps. Hopefully it’ll help… 

1. Breathe

Sounds simple, but it’s true. Take a few minutes of deep breaths to let the situation sink in. Or as my friend chants ‘inhale confidence, exhale fear.’

2. Don’t react

Okay, so some situations will require an immediate reaction. But not most of them. It’s just like when you get an annoying email at work or your friend sends what seems like an ‘arsey text.’ Don’t respond straight away. Your emotions will pour into it and you’ll regret it later. If you’re at work, go and make a brew or take a quick 3 minute breather. If it’s something on your phone, turn it off for a little while.

3. Is it the end of the world?

Yep, extreme, I know. But seriously. Put things into perspective. Is it the end of the world? So many horrible things happen on the daily in this world that you need to be realistic. Struggling to be level-headed? Ask your partner, your best friend or even your family. Sometimes people outside of the situation are the fresh set of eyes or ears you need.

4. Ask yourself: “Will it matter by next week?”

I read this somewhere, it was a while back otherwise I’d remember the source. With any stressful situation, ask yourself – will this situation matter in a day? Will it matter in a week? A month? A year? That’s how you know the severity of it. Why worry yourself sick if it won’t matter this time next year?

5. Address it

It’s like ripping off a band aid, or a plaster if you’re British like me. After coming to terms, and going through the above, you gotta deal with it kid. Sometimes that means clearing the air, admitting you were wrong, apologising, maybe even waiting for an apology. The only real way to get closure is to address it.