Whisking away your one-and-only to a romantic city for the weekend will definitely earn you massive relationship points. But the dilemma lies in where to go. If you’re looking for romantic getaway ideas then look no further as I’ve rounded up the best city breaks in Europe for you and that special someone.


1. Paris

If you’re thinking of jetting off for a weekend with your beau but don’t want to travel too far, why not pop to Paris; the city of love & PDA capital of the world. Great food and wine awaits as you share a kiss or two under the Eiffel Tower or gaze lovingly in to one another’s eyes as you sail down the Seine on a Bateaux Parisian. Like they say, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.

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2. Copenhagen

This city is the epitome of Scandi-cool. A culinary powerhouse with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, the centre is a buzz with cycling commuters and the happiest people on earth. You can take a boat down the canals of Christianshavn or seek out some culture by taking a tour around Viking treasures in a former prince’s palace. Finally you can head to Tivoli gardens, with its abundance of amusement rides, carnival games and Saturday evening fireworks you’re sure to have a lovely time.

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3. Palermo

Show your imagination by heading to Palermo, Sicily. An uber romantic city who’s deteriorating cliff-side staircases lead to the most magnificent gilded ballrooms. Why not visit the Vucciria and Ballarò markets, head over to the cultural Monreale and appreciate the beautiful mosaics of the Dome and stroll along the beach of Mondello to view the most striking sunset.

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4. Barcelona

Get lost in the enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, explore the ancient city walls or take a walk through the shadowy streets and stop to celebrate the incredible Catalan cooking in one of the many cafes on the streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Come night-time, you can enjoy sunset drinks with unparalleled panoramic views or take your pick from busy cava bars or consider Barcelona’s wild side and head to a nightclub.

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5. Vienna 

A suave, sophisticated city where sweethearts can indulge in some Austrian culture at The Vienna State Opera and give rein to the famous Wiener Schnitzel. You can explore the Kunsthistorisches Museum which houses the imperial art collection or hit up the city’s musical heritage and catch a performance at the acoustically renowned Musikverein concert hall.

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