We caught up with vlogger and babe Liz Liz Live to get the 411 on her fire style and fave things.


Describe your style in 3 words…

Bold, chic & sultry.


Where do you get your outfit inspo?

Magazines & Instagram.


Is there a celeb you think is killing it?

Rihanna and Micah Gianneli.


Your go-to piece?

I don’t have a go-to piece to be honest, I dress according to my mood. However it would be something that is either bold, chic or sultry.



What trends are you loving right now?

Matching co-ords, oversized sleeve tops & blazer dresses.


A style tip you should know about…

Wear anything you feel comfortable and confident in.


If I’m heading out, I’ll wear…

My style will be in line with my mood, however always with a pair of heels.


If I had to live in one outfit forever…

I can’t think of what exactly it would be, but something over the top since I have to live in the outfit forever.


If I could offer any advice to anyone wanting to become an influencer…

I would say be yourself, don’t try and copy from anyone else, I mean by all means take inspo! Go for it, ignore any negativity and just do you.


If I could only wear ONE make-up product for the rest of my life…

Lip balm, if that’s considered make-up. I don’t mind a bare face, however I hate dry lips!


What I love doing in my spare time…

I love watching crime related documentaries or stories. Anything to do with criminals really!


A fact about me that people would find surprising… 

I’m scared of the dark, so I need to sleep with my laptop or side lamp on.


3 things I’m truly grateful for

My loved ones – my family, friends, boyfriend and subscribers, good health and the internet – Google is one of my best friends!



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