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As told by Rachel Green’s relationship history… because she’s been there, done that!


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The One That Wasn’t Right: Barry

Whether you knew it from the beginning or did a Rachel and just ran at the altar, there was nothing exactly WRONG with this relationship… something just wasn’t right. It may have been tough but you know it was the right decision – the world is now your oyster!


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The Casanova: Paulo

Even if you haven’t dated one, everyone knows a Paulo! They’re sexy and they know it and use it to their full advantage. Not to say they didn’t love you, the issue was they also loved Kate, Olivia, Zoe… etc.


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The Rebound:Russ

Straight outta your last relationship and thinking you’ve totally got your sh*t together, ready for another one – wrong! Before you know it, you’re back with another guy who is just as bad for you (and has suspiciously similar qualities to the last guy… weird.)


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The Commitment-Phobe: Joshua

Okay so admittedly Josh-Wa wasn’t really given much of a chance, what with the accidental proposal and Rachel showing up at the door in a wedding dress, but the commitment-phobe is real. It was all going great, until you mentioned “the next step” and he suddenly freaked out/ disappeared off the face of the earth.


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The Immature One: Tag

I mean, guys are supposed to be further down the maturity scale anyway, right? So dating a guy 6 years younger probably wasn’t ever going to work out. Plus you don’t need a constant reminder of your age, you’ve already got a mirror for that.


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The Needy One: Paul

It felt like a relationship once… then somehow you basically turned into his personal therapist and found out just how much one person can talk about their own problems. Did you get the same in return? Not a chance.


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The Forgotten Ex: Danny

It was so short-lived and insignificant you actually forgot you even went out with them until someone else brings it up.


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The Embarrassing Ex: Josh

If you’re racking your brains, he was the guy who said things like ‘sup dude!?’ and stole Rachel’s money. he’s the one you really wish you could forget, and that everyone else would forget too. You don’t need to be reminded of that mistake, like EVER.


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The On And Off One: Ross

Maybe you’re Ross and Rachel soul mates or maybe he/ you just don’t have a clue what you want? Just to clarify, if the words ‘we were on a break’ are ever uttered, get outta there as fast as you can ’cause that aint ever a valid excuse! #TeamRachel

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The One Who’s Still A Friend: Joey

Whether you started off as friends and it didn’t work out or a failed relationship just turned into a great friendship, like Rachel and Joey you’ll always be there for each other. You probably have a pact to get married if you’re both single at 40 and there’s no-one you’d rather race around the old people’s home on your zimmer frame with!



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