If you’re a true Gossip Girl fan, you’ll know that no gal can  hear the name “Chuck Bass” without automatically swooning. Here’s the times the sexy billionaire bad boy-turned good got us majorly hot under the collar…

1. Pretty much every time he said “I’m Chuck Bass”.

It’s probably one of the most quotable lines from GG, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get SRSLY excited everytime we hear it, amirght?


2. When he first told Blair he loved her.

Despite being ridiculously jealous that he wasn’t saying it to us *sob sob* – our hearts fluttered when Chuck FINALLY uttered those three magic words.


3. When he came out with the funniest one-liners.

We all totes love a guy that can tell jokes…at least, we think he was joking…


4. The times he admitted his insecurities.

The bad boy exterior broke down and we saw the real Chuck Bass – and it only made us wanna  give ‘im a cuddle and tell him it will all  be okay.


5. When he proposed to Blair.

Chuck and Blair were Gossip Girls ultimate love story let’s b real – talk ’bout #couplegoals.


 chuck bass GIF

6. When we saw him as a Dad.

*SPOILER ALERT* if you haven’t seen the end – but Chuck has a son with Blair and he’s cute AF.


7. When he turned into an animal lover.

His dog, Monkey, became his new BFF and trusty companion and it was ultra ‘adorbs to watch.


8. When he apologised for his wrong doings.

With that jawline, I think we’ll forgive ya this time BAE.


 gossip girl ed westwick chuck bass GIF

9. When he surprised Blair with presents.

Flowers and macaroons, can every boy take a leaf out of Bass’s book pls?


 gossip girl ed westwick chuck bass GIF
10. When he went under a serious style transformation.

He ditched the ugly basketball gear and started rocking ultra sexy suits – and we were feelin’ it.