by Sarah Pritchard

10 Things That Happen On Every Girls Vacation

A girls trip is a rite of passage. From the minute the flights were booked you’ve been daydreaming of cocktails by the pool and getting tanned AF.

Of course, no vacay ever goes to plan, so here are ten things that happen on every squad vacation…

1. While booking less luggage seemed like a great idea at the time (more money for cocktails, right?) when you and your bestie try and combine your summer ‘drobes into one case you realise it ain’t ever gonna shut. Woops.

2. The minibus to the airport turns into a bit of a rave thanks to your summer Spotify playlist. Tune.

3. You arrive at the hotel and realise the pictures from the website may have been edited to say the least. The extra bed is actually a mattress on the floor. Fail.

4. Day one = tan time, right? While you all soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, your BFF gets the carrot oil out only to resemble a lobster two hours later. Where’s the after sun at?

5. All-inclusive cocktails seem like a good idea at the time until you’re a man down and putting them to bed at 10PM.

6. Going to bed early doesn’t seem so silly come 4AM when someone suggests getting matching tattoos. #SquadGoals

7. By day three, someone’s already had to phone their mum for a bank transfer and do the whole “help me, I’m poor” charade.

8. Is it even a holiday if you’re not hounded by club promoters and doing free shots before you end up in a karaoke bar?

9. By day five, being sober seems like a distant memory. Tequila Sunrise for breakfast, anyone?

10. It’s home time. Sob. You almost miss your flight thanks to someone spending too much time in duty free and spend the flight home shivering thanks to your sunstroke/regretting your new ink.

Same again next year?