by Laura Callaghan

10 Signs You're A Basic B*tch & Proud

There’s no shame in being a basic b****- it’s a way of life. Own your basicness and ignore the shade from the haters ‘cos we’re here to stay (in all our basic glory.)

1. You take a photo of EVERYTHING you eat

Everyone around the table has to resist tucking in until you’ve mastered the perfect insta-worthy pic and you’re srsly in no rush when it comes to getting the right lighting.

2. You order pumpkin spiced lattes like they’re going out of fashion

It’s the typical basic b*tch drink but you really don’t care. Soya milk anyone?

3. The snapchat dog filter changed your life 

While the flower crown comes as a close second, nothing beats the flawless coverage of the dog filter. Talk about one hot dog.

4. You definitely own something unicorn or mermaid themed

They’re super cute and girly and who doesn’t want to be part of the ‘mermaid squad’?

5. You could watch videos of pugs all day everryday

Because why would you want any dog other than a pug? They’re SOO cute we’re even getting happy just thinking about them.

6. You’re obsessed with anything pink or girly

Sparkles? Glitter? Fur? Pink? When you’re walking round a store you’re like a one big, walking talking magpie.

7. The way your Instagram feed looks is one of the most important factors of your life

The pics you post, the filters you use and the captions you write all make the difference. We’re always partial to a little bit if Valencia tho lets be real.

8. Phrases like ‘bae’, ‘squad’ and ‘shade’ are part of your every day vocab

Come on, they’re the best words going. Don’t be a hater.

9. When people call you basic you take it as as a compliment

We’re not trying to be anything else, so we’ll wear our basic bitch crowns with pride, thank you very much.