Stages Of Doing Dry Jan

Christmas is a mere memory, but all the alcohol and hangovers we survived? Not so much. So January rolls around and we decide, this is it. It's time to go dry. If you've settled on a soft drink month ahead, we feel you. Here's all of stages you're gonna go through guys and girls... 

The Confidence 

"I don't need alcohol. It doesn't define me. I can have a good time without it" - delete as appropriate... 

Telling Your Friends 

You expect support, instead your met with looks as if you've just ran over their 12 week old pug 

"But you can still drink at Alex's wedding right?" 

No Tiffany, it's not dry if I have a drink is it?

The First Few Days

This is easier than I thought. I am peak health

The Social Life Realisation 

So taking on Dry Jan was all well and good until you checked your calendar. You've got four birthdays, two meals, a wedding, leaving do and that's before payday and the 'let's go for one after work' lies. What now? 

Asking For The Non-Alcoholic Menu At A Bar

And getting looked at like you just asked whether it's OK to pay for your drink with salted peanuts 

Everyone Toasting With Champagne 

And you're lovingly staring into your diet coke

When Drunk People Bump Into You At The Club 

Why are they so annoying? I'm never this annoying when I'm drunk right? 

Or When Your BFF Is Tempting You At The Bar - Her 'Treat' 

Don't tempt me Tracey... 

But When You Get Through It 

I can conquer anything  

The First Day of Feb 

Happy hour anyone?

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