If you could tell your 16-year-old self that Reading festival was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to festivals, would they believe you?

Exactly – sometimes you gotta get packing and head across the globe to experience some of the best bucket-list festivals in the world. Here are our must-visits…

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Hardly needing an introduction, what with every summer fashion collection being ‘Coachella-inspired’, it’s the place to be seen for all of the fashion elite. Of course it boasts some of the best names in the music industry (who else can’t wait to see pregnant Queen B take the stage this year?) but with guaranteed good weather and the most stylish outfit choices, head to the warm air of California for ultimate festival goals.

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Día de Muertos  

The Día de Muertos festival, or ‘Day of the Dead’ festival isn’t as morbid as it sounds. You’ll probably have seen the famous popular ‘Catrina’ skeleton face paint ask that everyone sports on Halloween, and it’s exactly the sea of colours and floats that you’d expect from the beautiful country. And did you know that the iconic opening scene in Spectre inspired their most recent parade? We’ll be heading there, if not just to find our own James Bond.

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Burning Man

5 ½ square miles of desert and crazy art installations and workshops; the Burning Man is one that can’t be replicated for an experience. Think hippie festival mixed with Mad Max, burning statues (obviously), nudity and insane fancy dress – and you still won’t be prepared. And it works on a gifting culture so forget the cash – you’ll be trading your sequin belt for a cold can of beer.

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When talking festivals, we have one of the greatest on our doorstep with Glasto. It’s one of the best for a reason. Yes, there are amazing headliners but you can also grab a bike and blend a vegan smoothie or head to a yoga talk too. It’s the chilled-out atmosphere suitable for all ages that gives it its legendary status.

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La Tomatina, Spain

A huge food fight in the street? Count us in. One of the beautiful things of La Tomatina festival is it’s mystery; no-one knows for sure how it originated and it is just a simple day of fun with no religious or historical context. Just grab your tomatoes (and your goggles) and get throwing. White clothes not recommended.

Image credit: Latin Times

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

New Orleans has always been into spiritual voodoo and Mardi Gras is the perfect way to celebrate all things bright and magical. Full of street parades and balls, it’s one to get swept up with as huge heads and bodies made from paper mache float past you. Grab some of their iconic beads and get involved in the festivity.

Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Boasting over two million people attending per day, Rio Carnival is hands down the biggest in the world. With performers celebrating their bodies by dancing the authentic Samba and with catchy music creating a fiesta throughout the streets of Rio, it’s a celebration to beat all celebrations. Find the best ‘blocos’ (street parties) and grab a stranger’s hand as you sway to the beat and bright lights.